DO PAUSE Robert Poynton

by: Robert Poynton

The publisher Do Books specializes in modern titles that help you to learn
new things and motivate you to do them. Robert Poynton is an Associate
Fellow at Oxford University who also lives off-grid in Central Spain. He isn’t advocating a work/life balance but is urging us to make work part of our lives, and make it manageable and harmonious. In this mission he is inspired by the Slow Food Movement in Italy, or the Spanish Siesta. The book is packed with wonderful ideas for making life just a bit more even-paced, from walking around the block during the working day, counting to one, two or three before entering a room, or introducing a life rhythm of inhale and exhale days.

144pp, 177 x 120 mm, Paperback, 2019, RRP £8.99

Code: 290258

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