HEALTHY PLANET by Fred Hageneder

by: Fred Hageneder

It’s difficult not to be depressed about the state of our beautiful planet and this book doesn’t gloss over this. But it also gives practical advice on what we can all do to help make positive change, and that brings an optimistic note to the message. This book is extremely comprehensive, detailing exactly how the planet and all life on it works, what exactly we’ve done to each element of this fragile ecosystem and continue to do, and what practical measures are needed both globally and individually to change the current course. It also tackles the bigger question of how humankind needs to reassess its mindset and value system, both of which enable the destruction we’re seeing. The need to move from ego and greed to empathy and gratitude for what the planet already gives us is paramount, and this book reminds us of that.

416pp, 216 x 139 mm, Paperback, 2022, RRP £15.99