EAT FOR ENERGY by Ari Whitten

by: Ari Whitten

This is a promising addition to the treatment options for sufferers of chronic fatigue, ME and anyone who has seriously low energy. The author, once a sufferer himself, has spent years studying the subject, delving into the suggested remedies to prove to himself that they do or don’t work, and has become an authority on the subject. He relates his findings that this kind of fatigue starts at cell level with the mitochondria, our energy generators, and how various areas of our lives are affecting their ability to function properly. He writes fluently and makes all the science accessible. He also tells us where we’re going wrong and how to make changes that will make a profound difference, from looking at our fat to muscle ratio, our gut health, blood sugar and nutritional Toxicities, hormone imbalances and more. This is a thorough, science and evidence-based programme.

368pp, 229 x 152 mm, Paperback, 2023, RRP £13.99

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