Cygnus Star Titles



by: Barbara Carrellas

Discover the infinite possibilities of ecstatic expression, and learn how to nurture, expand and embrace your authentic, ever-evolving, sensual, sexual self. Ecstasy is Necessary reveals how essential ecstasy is in our quest for our authentic selves. It gives us the wisdom we need to confidently approach sex and relationships in a way that works for us no matter where we are in our sexual evolution. We even receive permission not to have sex at all, if that's what's right for us, because it is possible to create ecstatic experiences even when sex itself is not possible, available or appropriate. Using stories and simple exercises, Carrellas helps us understand how we are wired for sex and relationships, what our personal warning signs look like and what we need to be loved more easily and effectively. As we discover our authentic sexual selves, we will learn how to create the conditions that allow more and more of our experiences to be opportunities for - and invitations to - ecstasy.

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