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EMF*D by Dr Joseph Mercola

by: Dr. Joseph Mercola

Dr Joseph Mercola is a campaigner and an authority on alternative health and in this ground-breaking book he offers a new understanding of how electro-magnetic fields impact our body and mind.  With the advent of 5G wideband technology he believes the danger is greater than ever and that they are an enormous threat to our health. He explains what EMFs are, how they work, how they damage the body, that the science proves that EMFs are dangerous and how companies and government agencies conspire to hide these facts. In short, he considers EMFs the cigarettes of the 21st century.  A challenging read but also empowering, it allows us to make choices that will lead to improved health and shows how to curb EMF exposure and reduce the risk of further damage. This book is now in paperback.

306pp, 229 x 152 mm, Paperback, 2021.


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