by: Laurel Stuart

While this book was written with yoga students in mind, it is a fascinating read for us all. It’s both a guide book and an analysis of the relationship between the chakras of 20th century yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine, so we not only learn about techniques to use to promote our health, but also enjoy a study of Western yogic traditions and Taoist wisdom. Each chapter looks at a specific chakra, and contains yoga practices, techniques to stimulate acupoints using massage and sound, affirmations to use and also recipes to show us how to physically feed both the energetic and physical bodies. The chakras addressed are the Root, the Sacral, the Solar Plexus, the Heart, the Throat, the Brow and the Crown, plus there are 3 yoga glossaries to help us with postures and terms.

216pp, 216 x 140 mm, Paperback, 2023, RRP £15.99

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