by: Lee Harris

Like many of us, 23 year old Lee Harris was feeling lost and unsure about his life one morning on a London Underground train into work, when he suddenly heard the voices of his spirit guides. Although he initially thought these voices were his own imagination, with time he realized that the “Zs” were real entities from a different plane of existence who could offer him profound insight on everything from relationships and family to prosperity. In Energy Speaks, Lee Harris shares the wisdom the “Zs” have taught him over the past two decades in a concise and practical guide that teaches us how to be conscious of our role in the greater plan of existence and how help is always available to us. Harris’s desire for the reader is to learn to listen when destiny calls, even if it is unexpected, and never stop dreaming. Energy Speaks is insightful and written with such authenticity that you can’t help but feel the empowerment, optimism, and confidence that Harris is sharing.

272pp, 216 x 140 mm, Paperback, 2019, RRP £12.99

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