by: Caroline Myss

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Caroline Myss takes as her main template for this modern spiritual journey the revered writings of The Interior Castle by Teresa of Avila. Adapting Teresa's vision of the soul as a beautiful crystal castle with many chambers, she guides us from room to room, helping us meet different aspects of our self, our soul and our spirit - preparing us for the ultimate encounter with God and our own divinity. Through intense practices and methods of spiritual inquiry adapted for contemporary life, she helps us to develop our personal powers of prayer, contemplation and intuition, and to ascend the seven levels of soul knowledge that build an ever stronger interior castle of our own - a soul of strength and stamina. Entering the Castle is a comprehensive guidebook for the journey of your life - a journey into the centre of your soul. There, peace, God and a fearless bliss wait for you to discover them... and claim them for your own.
394pp, 152mm x 234mm, softback, 2007

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