by: Polly Higgins

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Humanity is at a crossroads. One route is to carry on as before, treating our planet as something to be bought and sold as private property to the highest bidder; the other is to acknowledge that our lives depend on a delicate ecosystem and that we all have responsibilities to each other, our habitat, and future generations. Exposing the truth behind the compromise laws and inadequate voluntary codes favoured by companies to protect their silent right to extinguish life, Polly Higgins advocates a new crime, Ecocide, to prevent the 'damage, destruction to or loss of ecosystems', as a 5th Crime Against Peace. Peace, Polly Higgins argues, is unachievable whilst the rules of the game continue to protect commercial expropriation of the planet for profit - at a price we cannot afford. Essential reading for anyone who is engaged with current issues, this book provides a succulent source of material for putting pressure on those in power to create the changes that we - and the planet - so desperately need.
224pp, 136mm x 214mm, Paperback, 2010