ESSENTIAL OILS Jennifer Peace Rhind

by: Jennifer Peace Rhind

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In the modern English-speaking world, aromatherapy is used for practices from the aesthetic to the holistic, and everything in between. Taking us on a comprehensive tour-de-force of the essential oils aromatherapy relies upon, from Chinese animal-derived aromatics to Inca incense to Egyptian resins, all the way down to modern practices, techniques, and theory, Rhind stops at nothing to present a solid, useable tome on the origins and latest, most cutting-edge knowledge, practice, and research in the field. Filled with scientific support for aromatherapy claims previously only assumed, Essential Oils educates on real studied effects of compounds used – for instance, that Shirodhara, an Ayurvedic treatment, induces greater relaxation effects in massage subjects with lavender used jointly with sesame oil, rather than mere sesame oil alone. Approachable yet complete, Essential Oils is the must-have text for anyone interested or involved in aromatherapy.