FEARLESS EARTH CD Madeleine Walker

by: Madeleine Walker

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Featuring unique meditations separated into three distinct tracks, Fearless Earth is ideal for those who desire to share a spiritual connection with nature. The meditations are channelled from the enlightening messages of dolphins, angels, tree beings and mythical creatures through Madeleine Walker’s warm, clear voice and are accompanied by the gentle, soothing sounds of cello, synthesizer and chanting. The first meditation begins with channelled dolphin sounds, inviting you to banish fear in the presence of Archangel Michael. In the second, Dolphin Joy and Forgiveness, you are transported into humanity’s past with dolphin-led healing to overcome the fall of Atlantis. Finally, a tree meditation is presented, bringing messages from the ancient ‘Standing People’ of France. The timeless wisdom imparted in these meditations offers you a release of fear and an opportunity to overcome deep-seated guilt