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by: Susan Jeffers

Susan Jeffers has helped millions of people to overcome their fears and heal the pain in their lives. Her now classic work, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway has been a huge success because it showed us all, in simple terms, how to transform our anxieties into confidence, action and love. Feel the Fear... And Beyond is the long-awaited companion to this important book - yet it also stands alone as a must-have for facing life at the end of the twentieth century... and beyond. Filled with easy and yet tremendously effective exercises, it is designed to teach us that we can handle whatever life brings us in a powerful and life-affirming way. Susan Jeffers encourages us to make full use of these valuable tools when we are fearful of making changes or confronting new situations in our lives. The book is for both individual and group use - including tips for use with children - as well as your own `30-day Power Planner'.

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