FENG SHUI YOUR LIFE by Marie Diamond

by: Marie Diamond

Marie Diamond has a host of famous followers whose endorsements of her work propel this book onto the ‘must-have’ list. She clearly does great work with Feng Shui, using it to help with relationships, success, health, money, wisdom and more, and in this book she shares her techniques with us so we can work with it too. The book begins with the basic background information about Feng Shui and the ideas behind it, then there are chapters on how to use Feng Shui to help attract different outcomes, such as improved family relationships or a more successful career. There are also Feng Shui dos and don’ts for each room in the home, using crystals to help activate the Feng Shui and so much more. It is a great one-stop resource for all our Feng Shui needs and one that we can refer back to whenever we need to.

240pp, 197 x 130 mm, Paperback, 2023, RRP £10.99

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