by: Penney Peirce

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Everything is vibrating energy, explains Penny Peirce, and each of us has a personal vibration - a frequency of energy held moment by moment in our spirit, thoughts, emotions, and body - that communicates who we are to the world and helps shape our reality. When your energy frequency is high, fast, and clear, life unfolds effortlessly, abundantly and in alignment with your destiny. In Frequency, you will learn how to feel your personal vibration and work with energy, freeing yourself from negative vibrations, and joining in as the earth's frequency moves to a higher level, shifting your sense of self from an identity based on separation, fear and ego to one based on interrelatedness, love and soul. Sure to keep you occupied, packed with exercises, and written with great clarity, Frequency is an interesting and fulfilling read.
300pp, 156mm x 235mm, hardback, 2009

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