FUTURE SACRED by Julie J. Morley

by: Julie J Morley

This new perspective on the human connection to the cosmos from environmental educator Julie Morley is certainly not light reading, but it is delightfully complex and illuminating as to the future of mankind. It dives deep into the origin of the universe and then expands the scope of existence far into the future, rejecting the “survival of the fittest” narrative and offering symbiosis and cooperation as nature’s path forward. Our survival depends on humanity understanding the “complexity of consciousness” and accepting ourselves as part of nature. Morley views this understanding as a sacred way of honouring the shared experience between all sentient beings. Future Sacred is an innovative philosophy that will radically change how you view your own place in this universe and will push you to think deeper about all life surrounding you.

272pp, 229 x 152 mm, Paperback, 2019