GENTLY DOWN THIS DREAM by Hugh and Gayle Prather

by: Hugh Prather

If Wayne Dyer says “I love this man - and all that he writes” we know we’re going to enjoy a book! This collection of essays, poems and aphorisms come from the pioneering and best selling author of Notes to Myself, published in 1970. It’s something of a surprise to see it after all this time, and it’s thanks to an agent (and fan) who recently asked Prather’s widow, Gayle, if she had any unpublished work from him. Gently Down This Dream is like his others in that it is episodic and inspirational while also being warm, personal, loving and spiritual. He writes with humour and you always feel it’s from his heart; it’s also not preachy and he is so good at articulating a way through what can often seem the prison of the self and providing a means for navigating the world at large. One for fans and newbies alike.

172pp, 563 x 178 mm, Paperback, 2023