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GOBLIN MARKET TAROT by John Matthews and Charles Newington

by: John Matthews

This new deck explores the world of Faery, based on Christina Rossetti’s poem from 1862. It’s Faeries as tricksters, as fun-loving sociable creatures and not as particularly spiritual ones. However they do have magical powers and these powers are unrestrained, fertile and wondrous. Perhaps it’s an accurate portrayal of Faery. The deck is fairly traditional with maybe a couple of extra cards and it’s loosely based on Rider-Waite. The four suits are platters, crowns, cups and wands. The deck’s creator is John Matthews, New York Times bestselling author of many decks including the Arthurian Tarot, the Wildwood Tarot and the recent Tarot of Light and Shadow. It’s like a window into another reality, and we can either stay secure and observe it, or we can leap with both feet into its riotous energy.

192pp, 126 x 87 mm, 78 colour cards, Boxed Set, 2021, RRP £22.99