GOING TO SEED by Simon Fairlie

by: Simon Fairlie

There aren’t many books like this one. It’s pretty unique. It’s the story of Simon Fairlie, who at a young age turned his back on anything resembling a conventional life and embarked on a colourful path involving travel, squatting, protesting and magazine editing. All in all, a life well-lived, and now he runs a small dairy at the Monkton Wyld community in Dorset. The account is fun and rattles along at a great pace, full of fascinating vignettes in wild and exotic locations. There is a serious message too: he questions the trajectory of so-called western progress and in his own life he has developed a model of living at a smaller scale on a localized patch of land. He is a pioneer and a true hero but this is a warts and all account and he is open about what he has got wrong. Read it and be inspired.

272pp, 230 x 153 mm, Paperback, 2022, RRP £14.99

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