HARMONY HRH The Prince Of Wales

by: Hrh The Prince Of Wales

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Harmony is practical guide to what we have lost in the modern world, why we have lost it and how easily it is to rediscover. It is a blueprint for a more balanced, sustainable world. For more than thirty years HRH Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales has been at the forefront of a growing ecological movement. His work has sought to meet a huge range of modern challenges, from urbanisation to deforestation. For the first time, Prince Charles, with the help of his two leading advisers, has brought together his vast knowledge and experience to set out this robust and practical philosophy. In Harmony, he demonstrates how many modern challenges, seen in areas as diverse as architecture, farming and medicine can be traced to how we have abandoned a classical sense of balance and proportion. From the rice farms of India to America's corn belt, Harmony spans the globe, finding what has put us at odds with the world and showing how this imbalance manifests itself throughout our lives. Harmony shows how reconnecting with Nature, seeking balance in our actions will return us to a more considered, secure, comfortable and cleaner world.
336pp, 189mm x 246mm, hardback, 2010

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