by: Kirsten Hartvig

The companion volume to Healing Spices, this book illuminates the many benefits of berries in meals and drinks. We all love smoothies but only now are scientists, cooks and indeed the general public waking up to their immense health benefits. Again there are 50 profiles of the various berries, like bilberries, blueberries, rose hips and sloes, so many of which are not that hard to get hold of. Kirsten also of course flags up the great joy in foraging and collecting the berries for yourself. And then there are the recipes – not all drinks and desserts! There are main courses like Pasta with Walnut and Blackcurrant Pesto and Rose Hip Risotto. It’s an immensely fun and educational book.

Paperback, 240pp, 155 x 236 mm, 2016