by: Larry Dossey

To be a truly healing art, Dr Larry Dossey says that medicine must embrace not only our bodies, but our minds and spirits as well. It must deal with the mechanism of illness, its meaning and nonlocality, that is the power to heal and be healed beyond our physical bodies. In these writings, he explores the relationship - often documented in extensive research - between conventional science and topics such as prayer, love, laughter, work, war, creativity, dreams and immortality. Does the mind produce consciousness - or transmit it? Why has job stress become a worldwide epidemic? Could war be a biological condition? Why is fishing good for your health? How can science study the effects of prayer? Dossey tackles all these questions and more. Whether funny, sober, visionary or inspirational, each in its own way challenges us to examine ourselves and our health and healing in a new and different light. Medicine is evolving: let's explore how.

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