by: Angela Paine

This may sound like slightly esoteric subject matter, but it’s not - this is simply a comprehensive guide to healing plants which also includes accounts of their earliest uses all the way back to Ancient Greece. There is a fascinating introduction describing how many of these plants played a role in Greek myths, and reminds us that some of our plants are actually named after characters in these ancient stories. Think of Achillea and Artemesia (Achilles and Artemis of course!) to name just two. The book goes on to describe each of the main healing plants detailing botanical information, healing properties and how to use the plant, alongside illuminating background information about how each plant was featured in Greek myths, how it came to be adopted in early Greek medicine and onwards to the present day. The plant directory is also illustrated with pretty line drawings which really bring the book to life.

352pp, 138 x 216 mm, Paperback, 2022, RRP £15.99