by: Linda E. Howe

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In Healing through the Akashic Records, Linda Howe provides an illuminating guidebook that teaches you the secret to transcending your suffering and finding the joy of living, by unlocking your potential in the Akashic Records, an energetic archive of information for every soul and its journey. Underneath the patterns of behaviour that keep you from reaching your true potential are wounds waiting to be healed. These, says Linda, are the gateways to discovering your soul's perfection. Whether your wounds are physical, mental, or emotional, they are all sacred and hold the promise for you to see and experience the divine nature of your life. So, by learning to use an entry key called the Pathway Prayer Process, and finding the point of power in your wounds, you can go beyond their limitations and uncover their soul-level truth in the Records. From here you will transform fear-based perceptions and judgements into attitudes anchored in love and acceptance of all of humanity, coming to know that pain and sickness are not punishment, they are simply part of your soul's human experience.
224pp, 146mm x 210mm, Hardback, 2011

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