by: Roger Woolger

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Nearly 30 years ago an intense past-life memory sent Dr Roger Woolger on a journey of a lifetime - to the middle of the bloody Crusade against the Cathars as a 13th-century French mercenary. Even though this astonishing memory contradicted everything in his training as a psychotherapist and Jungian analyst, Dr Woolger recognized a powerful therapeutic breakthrough: that past-life stories can heal present-day problems. Healing Your Past Lives teaches you the essentials of Woolger's Deep Memory Process(TM) - a safe, powerful system that will help you explore your own past lives to let go of anger, shame, self-criticism and limiting behaviours that linger from previous lifetimes, and to discover clues about the pattern and purpose of your present life.
90pp, 172mm x 197mm, hardback book + 75min CD, 2004