by: John Wright

In Hedgerow, John Wright explores the culinary delights of all sorts of wild outdoor spaces, such as hedgerows, moors, meadows and woods - which hold a veritable feast for the forager. In this enjoyable and witty handbook, he shares his unbounded passion for the foraging life, reveals how to spot the free and delicious ingredients to be found in the British countryside, and then how to prepare and cook them. He guides you through many tasty edible species - including bilberries, blackberries, cloudberries, common mallow, dandelions - and each one is accompanied by photographs for identification, along with their conservation status, habitat, distribution, season, taste, texture, recipes and cooking methods. Then John describes the poisonous species to steer clear of, including warnings about any nasty 'lookalikes', along with their identifying photographs. Introduced by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Hedgerow,is an indispensable household reference, and an essential book to have by your side for every trip into the countryside.
256pp, 129mm x 198mm, illus. in colour, hardback, 2010

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