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Holy Daring : The Earthy Mysticism of St. Teresa, the Wild Woman of Avila

by: Cygnus Book Club

"Tessa's deep intimacy with Teresa of Avila . . .

creates an invitational space for readers of any tradition (or none) to enter into their own transformational relationship with the 'wild woman of Avila.'"Mirabai Starr


This fresh, upbeat, and deftly profound book joyfully reconnects the fullness of our lives and the depth of our prayer. Much more than yet another book about a great saint who once was, it actually rekindles something of St. Teresa's outrageous spiritual impulse for contemporary readers, particularly those who describe themselves as "spiritual, not religious."


Tessa Bielecki is the author of several books on St.

Teresa of Avila, as well as a former Abbess.