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HOW I SAID BAH! TO CANCER Stephanie Butland

by: Stephanie Butland

How I Said Bah! to Cancer is Stephanie Butland's account of how she rallied against cancer through thinking strategies, a proactive approach to treatment, and a determination to keep the rest of her life going and retain a sense of humour. She shares everything she learnt along the way, from the nature of cancer cells and chemotherapy drugs, to how she was able to help her friends and family to help her. From diagnosis, through what to say when difficult conversations crop up, to practical matters like preparing for treatment, Stephanie opens up, sharing her whole experience, so that yours may be less frightening - a dance, perhaps, rather than a battle. Plenty of tips, visualizations and meditations help you to take positive action, or just to cope a little easier. Truthful, personal, funny, and above all helpful, you could find How I Said Bah! to Cancer to be the ideal straight-talking best friend to help you along your cancer journey - or support a loved one on theirs.
272pp, 217mm x 237mm, Paperback, 2011