HOW NOT TO AGE by Michael Greger

by: Michael Greger

Ageing is a major challenge. It has made me at times anxious and miserable, even though I thought I was fully prepared for the prospect. This book though should be a great help in reminding us of the ways to stay fit, sound and healthy in both mind and body as we grow older. I think this has to be potentially one of the best books on the subject because it’s written by the best-selling author of How Not To Die, which I really liked too. It’s scientifically sound and comprehensive but it’s easy to understand, and the author isn’t trying to push any specific products or regimens. There is praise on the cover from the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph and from the founder of Whole Foods Market. There are 600 pages of solid guidance here, from constipation to circulation and including the Mediterranean Diet and the Okinawan Diet.

640pp, 243 x 165 mm, Hardback, 2023, RRP £22.00