HOW TO BE LOVE(D) by Humble the Poet

by: Humble the Poet

It’s really great to find books about love written by younger, cooler writers who recognise and want to confront the unique pressures faced by the younger generations. This author, a popular YouTuber, writer, poet and rapper, wrote this book as a result of the miserable realisation that he didn’t know how to love (himself or others) and wanted to find out why. His research soon made him understand that he and his generation are horribly prone to self-criticism and setting impossible goals, believing that love is something they have to earn or a destination to be reached, rather than a path to follow. In this guide he lays out techniques to help shake off these assumptions, clearing a path for the reader to begin to love. He writes with youthful vigour and vernacular, and includes lots of insightful stories and down to earth advice.

336pp, 203 x 152 mm, Hardback, 2022,

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