by: Dr Arlene K Unger

This title is more specific than the other but is still just as well-designed and
fun to flick through. It’s more about looking inwards than outwards, about
making a safe and comfortable home rather than striking out boldly and
bravely. It’s still just as inspiring, with ideas for rituals around homecoming,
having a cup of tea, sowing seeds in the garden or creating a sanctuary. It’s
about choosing less, instead of having or achieving more. Again it takes its
inspiration from Scandinavian Hygge and Lagom, from Buddhist retreats and
Zen rock gardens. It won’t shake you to your foundations with bold new ideas,
but will inspire you gently to create a calm and contented life.
176pp, 148 x 182 mm, Hardback, 2018, RRP £9.99
Code: 290127