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HUMBLE by Daryl van Tongeren

by: Daryl van Tongeren

It seems that we are becoming more and more polarized, and narcissism is on the rise. We live egocentric lifestyles, often driven inward. Can cultivating more humility be the antidote to a more and more self-centred world?In its true sense, humbleness is the happy medium between self-denial and self-obsession: It grants the holder an accurate view of reality. By seeing where we have room to improve, we can grow. By admitting our doubts, we can learn. And by acknowledging our own worldview as one among many, we can truly connect with others despite our differences. A thought-provoking call to reexamine our values, Humble signals a paradigm shift - from the frenzied 'self-esteem movement' to a better world in which we lift one another up.