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I AM UNICORN! Kirsten Riddle

by: Kirsten Riddle

Unicorns are the new big thing and this is a lovely colourful gift book which is both a wonderful tribute and a gateway into the world of unicorns. We in the spiritual community have known for a long time that just because creatures like dragons and unicorns can’t be picked up on the physical plane that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. This book is commercial and “gifty” to be sure, but it actually does contain ideas for contacting unicorns on other planes, and is generous and not flippant. It would also make a wonderful gift for a young fan or someone who might profit from a gentle introduction to these other levels.

144pp, 161 x 125 mm, Hardback, 2018, RRP £7.99

Code: 280215 Cygnus Price: £5.99