I AM YOUR GUARD Elizabeth Clare Prophet

by: Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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Who is this majestic being called Archangel Michael? Have others experienced his presence? Will he also help me and those I care bout? How can we bring him into our lives? In I Am Your Guard , Elizabeth Clare Prophet describes her understanding that each one of us is created with a cosmic purpose, etched within our soul as an inner blueprint. Archangel Michael reinforces this unique plan and he liberates us to perform our mission. But above all else, say Elizabeth, he is the angel of protetion, ensuring that we are protected, physically as well as spiritually. Archangel Michael is dedicated to keeping us safe, defending our souls and caring for us. He frees us from forces, within and without, that intensify our ailments, our burdens and our karma. He assists us in overcoming the thought processes that conceive and amplify disease, disintegration and death. In this gem of a book, you can now discover how to call upon and connect with Archangel Michael. If you have a problem, he can help to heal and deliver you.
112pp, 100mm x 150mm, illus. in b&w, Paperback, 2008