I CLOSE MY EYES & SEE Dorothy Lewis

by: Dorothy Lewis

Our deepest yearning as human beings is to reconnect with spirit on all levels. Here, in I Close My Eyes and See, we find practical help for our inner journey, a resource as much for the individual as for the therapist or group leader needing material for their clients. Separation from our essential inner being, says Dorothy Lewis, is the cause of all distress and illness, and we need to travel deeply inside ourselves to recover and be healed. We can learn to do just that with over fifty visualisations and exercises offered in this book. Dorothy also shares her own journey (and her clients?) with deeply touching, often humorous experiences that have coloured her life as a teacher and healer.
176pp, 135mm x 214mm, Paperback, 1996

I believe that all human beings, in their lives, are looking, whether consciously or not, for reconnection with their own deep centre. And at that centre, for their near connection with every other form of life and awareness. It is separation from this depth in us, the Quaker 'that of God in everyone', that makes us confused, angry and ill. It stops us being whole and healthy people. And in this context 'wholeness', the balance of mental, emotional and physical energies, is extended to include the deeper spiritual areas of being.

Many clients ask me to help them contact their spirituality. Why is this so difficult? We are born Spirit, materially expressed through the wide range of mental, emotional and physical energies. But though we rarely forget to nourish our physical existence, we frequently neglect not only our spiritual, but also our mental and emotional balance. I do not now find it necessary to see the spiritual as a separate area of life. I can pour a cup of tea, cuddle my granddaughter, clean the loo, in a space that involves the whole of me, and that is as spiritual as material.

It's a bit like a see-saw, this balance, labeled 'spiritual' at one end, and 'material' at the other. If I go to the material end, it crashes down, and the see-saw is useless for further play. Choose the spiritual end and again it goes out of action. But if I can stand at the fulcrum, one foot on either side, then I can sway gently to the appropriate edge, while remaining centred and therefore truly functional.

The exercises in my book, then, are to help you find your centred place, and to explore answers to the basic deep life questions common to all humanity at one stage or other: 'Who am I? How am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? What is the meaning? Is there a meaning?' The outer periphery of life, busyness, anxiety, stress, work, even success provides no intelligible answer. But find the balanced centre within yourself, and from that inner security I believe you can begin to discover your answers, and perhaps at the same time unleash your personal creativity and life contribution.

So where do you start? The first, most difficult, step is to get to know yourself. And to be kind, even to love yourself. This means letting go of fixed ideas, of self-denigration, of old moralities, of long-practised habits, of worn-out relationships, and particularly of imposed ideas. It means letting go of the many distortions hiding your true reality. Most of these have been laid on you by other people. Once they have been recognised and discarded, then your true life direction can become clearer.

Through guided imagination, and through deepening spiritual perception, you can again become at ease with the core of your being, and many healing resources will then be available to you. So you become a new person - yet not a new person - rather the person you were born to be. Not all at once, not easily, but increasingly with surprise, delight and creativity: personality marching with soul.

From this centred approach you can begin realistically to tackle the many boulders and barriers on your life path - anger, fear, guilt, anxiety... And then there is thankfulness and, as outreach, healing not only for you, but for all life, including that of the planet. It is not an easy journey, and you will need the quiet spaces of meditation and of reinforcing affirmation to move you from the places where you 'stick', so that you can again push steadily on.

Don't be too serious. This is an adventure, and can be fun. One of my groups worked together monthly for over three years with tenderness, compassion, mutual insight - frequently with howls of laughter!

The exercises I provide need to cover a wide spectrum of experience, for spiritual direction, discovery and awareness involve every aspect of human life. Your unconscious will gladly respond by giving you the information you need. Using the visualisation method you can begin to explore, to move on, and to find, one by one, further waymarks for your inner journey.

From I Close My Eyes & See, ?1996 by Dorothy Lewis, published by Findhorn Press.