INNER ALCHEMY by Pedram Shojai

by: Pedram Shojai

If you are ready to wake up from the mundane daze of daily life and make the world you live in a better place, then look no further than the powerful teachings in Inner Alchemy. This simple guide shows you how to harness the transformational power of ancient Taoist alchemical practices. This book comes from the bestselling author of The Urban Monk and it is written to be a guide for beginners. Shojai breaks down the path into 3 parts: teaching the key principles, applying these principles through specific guided techniques, and advanced exploration of traditional Taoism in modern times. It is incredibly rejuvenating and truly helps to regulate your energy to make you aware of the happiness, healthiness, and vitality within you.

280pp, 228 x 153 mm, Paperback, 2019