by: Robert Howells

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You may be familiar with The Priory of Sion from Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code: he touched upon the order, the bloodline of Christ, and the possibility that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and bore children, whose descendants are known today. Sion is both an organization and an ideal, explains Robert Howells, protecting a body of secret, esoteric knowledge which has been passed down through the ages. It is thought that, at certain times, information is released to focus attention, to guide and direct humanity, to raise our consciousness. What is Sion’s history? Who are its members? What other secrets do they hold? In Inside the Priory of Sion you will learn of the order’s origins and its links across tombs, temples, alchemy, Gnosticism, initiation, art, symbolism and esoteric wisdom - much of which has been guarded, until now. Truly fascinating, this is the first book to examine the priests of Rennes-le-Chateau written from both historical research and direct communication with the Priory of Sion itself.