by: Mia Magik

Intuwitchin is full of positive bright energy and it’s very motivating. It is written for younger people or at least the younger at heart so be prepared for that. As you might guess, it very much focuses on intuition, which for her is the power that takes you past the superficial and the everyday and that puts you in touch with something magical. It contains many rituals, magical practices, journalling prompts etc that will help you on your way. None of it is new or surprising – there is material about tarot, astrology and numerology for example – but I think it would be ideal for a beginner or even someone more experienced who is feeling a bit jaded. I like it: the author is well-versed in modern concepts like being wounded and manifestation, but she writes well and includes plenty of illustrative stories.

264pp, 229 x 152 mm, Paperback, 2024, RRP £13.99

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