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IT'S NOT YOUR MONEY by Tosha Silver

by: Tosha Silver

There are a lot of books out there with methods on how to get rich, training you how to use your thoughts and will-power to acquire success and money. This book however is very different. Spiritual teacher Tosha Silver instead wants us to really contemplate our relationship with money, and how it most times just leads us into states of stress, egoism and dependency. By continuously focusing on money, we create an infected bond to it, and end up either becoming greedy or overburdened by the need to look over our finances. Her advice is instead to give up our common egoistic view in favour of giving, offering and letting go. By not seeking to possess economic wealth, but rather becoming willing to give it all up, we become free of our unhealthy attachment to it. We learn how the virtues of compassion, generosity and selfless love can grant us the true wealth of a meaningful life.

192pp, 216 x 135 mm, Paperback, 2020, RRP £12.99