JUST ONE THING by Dr Michael Mosley

by: Dr Michael Mosley

This is quite an introductory book and it’s mainstream by Cygnus standards, but I also think it is very helpful and will appeal to readers across the board. Michael Mosley is of course very well-known and this book is based on the programme and podcast he made for BBC Radio 4, likewise called Just One Thing. It’s an informative list – heavily backed up by science and research – of simple things we can do to make our lives better and ourselves healthier. Each habit separately will help and we can add them one by one for a cumulative effect, even if some of them don’t suit us and don’t stick. The “things” include Eat Chocolate, Get More Houseplants, Take a Nap and An Apple a Day. There are plenty of notes too which point us towards the scientific research backing up what he says. It’s not a big book but it’s great for getting most of us out of our troughs.

208pp, 226 x 161 mm, Hardback, 2022