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by: Sue Vaughan

Kinangiology is a positive guide to using the mind, body and soul as an Oracle, that differs from other books on kinesiology by adding the dimension of connecting with the angels. Full of examples, exercises and words of encouragement, this intelligent and comprehensive book combines these two very popular disciplines, Kinesiology and working with the Angelic Realm, thus presenting Kinangiology (KA), a method to clear emotional blocks, programme positive affirmations and eliminate phobias. It can also be used to communicate with the angels to access guidance on everyday issues such as relationships, work, health and family (the possibilities are truly endless). In writing Kinangiology, Sue Vaughan gives you a powerful toolbox to help yourself and others to make decisions, clear the clutter that may be blocking progress towards living a more fulfilled life, and discover the joy of co-working with the angels.
114pp, 138mm x 214mm, Paperback, 2009