by: Fiona Mcdonald

Using easy-to-follow patterns, this instructive guide enables knitters of all skill levels to fashion 10 fantastical fairies. Each fairy uses a basic body pattern and measures approximately 40 cm (16 in) from top to toe, but they all have their own character and style. Included in the book are patterns for the dark Gothic fairy, the enigmatic moon fairy, the cool ice fairy, and even Oberon, the king of the fairies. Finished fairies sport their own costumes, complete with wings, in a range of yarns and other embellishments—ideal for using up scraps from the knitting basket. Homemade craft projects make unique and memorable gifts, and Little Knitted Fairies allows knitters to create dolls for both adults and older children while easily adapting them to match the recipient’s personality or lifestyle.
With imagination and flair, Fiona MCDonald shows you how to knit ten beautiful fairies, all with their own unique character and style. They include an enigmatic moon fairy, a cool ice fairy, a cheerful rainbow dream fairy and even Oberon and Titania, the king and queen of the fairies. Using a basic body pattern, each fairy is then dressed in his or her own costume, complete with wands, wings and delicate embellishments - ideal for using up scraps and oddments from your craft basket. The dolls make wonderful gifts for friends and family of all ages (from three years upwards), and by knitting love into every stitch and adding a touch of your own spirit of creative adventure, you can adapt them to match your friend's or relative's personality or lifestyle. With excellent instructions given in UK terminology and plenty of close-up photographs, this lovely book is a crafter's dream.
95pp, 194mm x 240mm, illus in colour, hardback, 2011