by: Penney Peirce

The rules of how Reality works are changing! As the vibration of the world continues to accelerate, we are being catalyzed into a new kind of knowing literally, a transformative leap of perception. We can now clearly see how perception itself creates the world and our life experience. We are rapidly outgrowing old perception and are discovering a high-vibrational new perception that creates a high-frequency world one in which oneness, compassion, service, joy, and mutually sourced co-creativity prevail. In Leap of Perception, Penney Peirce offers a comprehensive guide to developing the contemporary attention skills necessary to navigate your transformational process, recognise the radically different Intuition Age reality, and live successfully by its new rules. With down-to-earth examples and simple exercises, you can move beyond frustration and coping, to thrive in a world of rapidly expanding possibilities.