by: Natasha Hoffman

Natasha Hoffman knew that she?d been called to Carnac in northern France. An artist, healer and intuitive, Natasha felt welcome in the presence of the mysterious giant monuments that stand there - the megalithic standing stones set up around the same time as Stonehenge. Walking among these alignments with her companion, Hamilton Hill, she first heard the voice. ?This is a library,? she said, ?and we can read it.? So began the ?receiving? of revelations encoded in certain of the standing stones. Sneaking past barriers, eluding gendarmes, encountering a goblin, even working by moonlight, Natasha and Hamilton sought out particular stones. Natasha ?read? the information held in them, dowsing with a pendulum to check it. The messages were placed for us, as the two discovered, by the Archangels who watch over our planet. After World War 1, seeing that the human race had fallen into profound disharmony with the environment and was becoming dominated by materialism, these higher beings began to leave us guidelines for restoring the balance within ourselves and between humanity and nature. ?You are addicted to suffering,? the Archangels say, ?because you have been made to feel guilty about joy.? Their messages leave us with renewed hope.
288pp, 139mm x 216mm, illus. in b&w, Paperback, 2004

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