by: Mike Dooley

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When it comes to living the life of one's dreams, there are those who think they must go it alone and succeed by the sweat of their brow. Then there are those who have read all the books, done all the workshops, and concluded that it's simply a matter of surrendering to a loving, conspiring Universe. The truth is, says Mike Dooley, neither are we alone, nor is knowing about the Universe and its magic enough to manifest change. Instead, the trick lies in knowing the difference between what one can, should and must do or delegate to an all wise and capable Universe. Our part is the easy part. We need only provide the spark to light the Universe's fire; to hoist up our sails so that they can be filled with its magical winds. Leveraging the Universe is about using the gifts of thought, word, and deed to harness the infinite grace that tirelessly strives to sweep us off our feet, surround us with friends, and create the life we most want. It's about learning what 'the truth' is, and then living it, so that you discover your holy place in creation - as a creator, yourself.
224pp, 146mm x 222mm, hardback, 2011