by: Tom Shadyac

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For over 25 years, Tom Shadyac was one of the top directors in Hollywood. However, after a close brush with death he felt an intense need to live life with greater authenticity. His book draws on a Native American myth that tells of two wolves within us that battle for control of our lives the fearful wolf and the truthful wolf. The first walks in anger, ego, envy, greed, and lies. The second lives in appreciation, kindness, love, joy, and forgiveness. Which wolf will win? The answer is, the one we feed. Expressed as a series of dialogues between the two wolves, Tom s reflections show us how we can overcome the voice of fear to feed the right wolf and so discern the true operating manual of life within our own being. From there, we can move to garner the courage to live in accordance with its precepts. Authentic, direct and profound, Life s Operating Manual is an unexpected gift to any spiritual seeker.