by: Anima

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Aluna is a name given to denote Mother God. Light of Aluna, an album of music dedicated to her, weaves together unique sonic tapestries designed to re-ignite the memory of our original connection to The Great Mother. These compositions are an offering to Her, asking for Her Blessing, and also a prayer for all who receive their frequencies to find a way to deepen their connection with the pure essence of the origin of our souls. Our lost divine heritage as Children of the Mother, say their creators, is realised through our reconnection and re-alignment with Aluna. They affirm that we each have the power to choose to walk in beauty and peace to care for and protect one another and our Earth. Every thought, every word, every sound is a vibration that ripples out and echoes throughout the universe. This music is their prayer...a ripple of love in the great ocean of Aluna. There is an innate beauty, delicacy and sensitivity in the rendering of this powerful music that does indeed lift you into the arms of Divine Mother and enfold you in her deep mystical peace.