by: Dr. Wayne Dyer

You are reading this because you have chosen to read about this book, it is calling you to be inspired. The message here is that we can all acknowledge the ultimate calling to connect with our spiritual essence, what Dr Dyer calls In-Spirit. This is what puts us in touch with inspiration, we can all be inspired, allthe time, and it is not just something reserved for odd moments or for artists and gurus. He explains how we choose everything from our physical body and parents before birth, to all aspects of our own inner picture throughout life. We can choose to connect with inspirational people and to be aware of habits that trap us In-Ego, so we can be the ones who live as inspiration to others. The positive style of Dr Dyer’s writing carries the reader through material that is not new, but presents concepts in a fresh – and inspirational – way.

Paperback, 272pp, 2016