by: Khalil Gibran

Love Letters in the Sand is a collection of beautiful poems by one of the world’s greatest mystics, Khalil Gibran. They evoke that special joy and excitement in the newness of love and the desire it awakens in you.

But, as Khalil Gibran follows love’s course, from spring to summer to autumn, he is realistic in describing love’s often painful and difficult path before it reaches maturity or the sorrows of passing.

Love Letters in the Sand, composed of extracts from some of Gibran’s most famous works, including The Prophet, conveys the eternal power and magic of love; it will arouse in you a new sense of love’s meaning.

Lassaâd Metoui’s calligraphy expands the originality of Gibran’s verses, interpreting and enhancing the verses while also making them a feast for the eyes as well as for the spirit.

Khalil Gibran is best known for his poem, The Prophet. Although he primarily lived in America, he wrote in Arabic and his poetic voice remained that of the East. Gibran’s books have been translated into over twenty languages and are loved by people all over the world.

Paperback, 96pp, 2005