by: Mike Medaglia

We don’t often feature “classic” tarot decks here at Cygnus, but this one is
just… really good! It’s well grounded in the images on the Rider Waite deck,
but the human characters depicted are a bit more ordinary, a bit more like you
and me and not intimidating or austere in the slightest. The colours are all
light and pastel, featuring many greens, pinks and purples. The artist is a
renowned comic illustrator and he has done a great job making the characters
look gentle, kind and positive. Above all, there’s a wonderful mix of skin
colours, genders, shapes and sizes – this is a deck for the modern world,
ideal for beginners, but also for people who love the Rider Waite but find it too
old-fashioned now.
52pp, 78 cards, 76 x 127 mm, Boxed Set, 2018, RRP £19.99
Code: 290143 Non-Member Price: £17.76 Member Price: £15.99

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