by: Dick

Dick and James Strawbridge share their earthy wisdom from their smallholding in Cornwall on how to grow a harvest of vegetables, whether you have a tiny urban patch, a kitchen garden or an allotment. With gardening tasks by the season they show us the good life - how to grow our own veg, and how to eat it with 30 recipes for enjoying your seasonal home grown veg, from Kohlrabi Coleslaw to Beetroot & Cinnamon Soup; Tempura Asparagus in spring, Stuffed Courgette Flowers in summer, Baked Sweet Potato and Goat's Cheese Pie in autumn, and Scallops with wild rocket pesto in winter. Luscious photographs of wheelbarrows full of vegetables and earthy green fingers plucking home grown carrots from the soil, 'rubber stamp' typographics, and a plain paper bag cover, say 'pick me!' An ideal book to give as a gift.
176pp, 156mm x 212mm, hardback, with full colour illustrations, 2012